abgoosht 101 by shahram kyani

Abgoosht 101

What is Abgoosht? Abgoosht (or Abgusht) is a traditional Persian stew or khoresht, typically made with lamb and vegetables, like chickpeas or potatoes, set in a flavorful broth. This traditional dish can also be called Dizi because of the individual clay pots that it is traditionally served in. Abgoosht, a rare main dish, can also be served as …

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is persian food a healthy choice? by shahram kyani

Is Persian Food Healthy?

Persian food is a legacy of Iranian culture and civilization that has been passed down through generations. It continues to be practiced today as a constant custom and tradition. Iran has many ceremonies that include food and serve it. Contrary to popular belief, traditional Iranian food does not contain excessive amounts of oil or rice. There are …

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